Efficient PHP MySQL Development: Mistakes To Avoid

MySQL, known as the best open-source relational database management system comprises an integral part of PHP web application development. It being an essential part of lamp stack, possess built-in functions for data manipulations and hence known to be the ideal database choice for PHP web applications. However, PHP is very simple in function and can easily be coded yet it takes enormous effort for designers to develop an inviolable, solid database. And guess what! the chances for error occurrences are comparatively high during this significant PHP MySQL advancement process. This article covers the common mistakes that might happen during PHP web development process, followed by the potential solutions for the same.


Preferring MyISAM Database Engine

MySQL has several database motors to choose from, yet MyISAM is the default one. There is no doubt in saying this, as you began to utilize MyISAM you will begin to encounter numerous errors, it’s a certainty. In fact, it does not support the outside key imperatives or exchanges which are needed to keep up information respectability. This can definitely be a very exhausting task and can adversely affect the execution of PHP application as utilization develops. A better solution for this is to make use of InnoDB rather than MyISAM which is relatively a superior database.

 PHP MySQL Functions

Several PHP applications rely on MySQL libraries such as mysql_connect, mysql_query and more. And if you are using MySQL 4.1.3 or a propelled variant, we would suggest every PHP web application development services to try mysqli expansion because it is the advanced adaptation of MySQL and it ensures focal points like arranged articulations that prevent SQL-infusion assaults and supplement execution, numerous announcements and exchange bolster, question situated interface and several more.

Neglecting  UTF-8

This fundamentally is a mistake committed by designers from USA, UK and so. They usually make this mistake as they turned out to be too keen on producing an English oriented application. But further, they may regret this as they realize their application can’t be utilized somewhere else. And this happens because they forbid themselves from utilizing universal norms like UTF-8. UTF-8 is supported by upgraded PHP forms like PHP 6 or more. Moreover, UTF-8 can resolve the universal issues identified with your applications.

Using Wrong Data Types

To categorize the information in databases in significant and MySQL normally sorts information as numeric, string, time and so forth. But in contrary, a lot of them use their own particular information sorts. This kind of issues can adversely affect the efficiency of your PHP web application development and can lead to further issues.

Under or Over-Indexing

Records are mostly related to the WHERE provision of SELECT inquiry. By utilizing list it is much easier to find a specific record to answer a question easily with a quicker inquiry calculation. Even though utilizing lists are recommended, overdoing it can hurt the advancing database execution.

Wrong Recruitment And Selection

To hire PHP developers, especially the right ones with right knowledge, one has to dig deep into their expertise, academic excellence, problem-solving ability, and so forth. Hiring a wrong person can bring immense negative impact upon the overall PHP MySQL development process, it can cost you a lot of money and moreover, will encounter further complex issues as a result of frequently occurring errors.


Refer the aforementioned insights to surpass at your PHP web application development process. However, we recommend considering all the prior criteria to experience a highly productive and sustainable outcome.


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