Why Online Appointment Scheduling System is Important for Doctors?

Doctor Appointment Booking Software
Doctor Appointment Booking Software

Doctors are one of the most admired personalities in our society. Their profession typifies a noble service to mankind. However, a study shows that over 95% of world population suffers from some kind of health issue. Precisely, a third of the world’s population is experiencing more than five ailments. Yes, the world has a staggering number of medical scientists, doctors etc, but how do we confront the challenge of accommodating this fast-growing number of patients? Isn’t proven that the traditional appointment booking system is outdated and is effective only when dealing with a minimal number of patients? Don’t you think we need a better system to organize the whole process and thus share the benefits of our advanced healthcare system equally among all? An online doctor booking system clings to the idea of organizing the patients efficiently, helping them to book doctor appointment online systematically.

Figures and Statistics on Online Doctor Appointment Booking

Since every industry began coping with the recent digital transformation, healthcare stays ahead of the curve by utilizing the digital literacy of present generation. Studies show that 84% of patients use both online and offline resources to research.

Online appointment scheduling system
Brand Reputation

In fact, the search has become an integral part of the patient before treatment and brand credibility matters the most.

Online Search
Online Search

Apart from that, 1 out of 5 patients uses the non-traditional mode of appointment booking. Out of this, 21% book via computer or a mobile app/browser. The intense study on patient behavior reveals the patient’s habits of spreading words regarding their appointment. This reveals how significant feedback is. 50% of the patients recommend their family, colleagues, and friends to contact the same facility. Whereas 12% take time to share their feedback on social channels, 6% post direct feedback on the website itself.

Referred by pateints
Referred by patients

Adding more value to the above-mentioned information, Scheduling and Rescheduling appointment, cancellation, reviews, online payment, everything have proved to be more efficient than the traditional approach.

Significance of Online Appointment Booking System in Modern Health  Scenario

One of the major threat world now encounter is rapid population rise. The biggest of all questions is how come we satisfy the needs of billions? An online appointment booking system enables you to organize, efficiently handle and fulfill the needs of patients. Moreover, it gives a transparent look at patients data, which allows doctors to better plan on the treatment methods.

Ease of access

An online appointment system facilitates both patients and doctors. When comparing to the traditional method of booking, it not only minimizes the hassles of booking process but also saves customer’s checkups data online. Besides, it makes it so simple for doctors to access the patient data since everything is kept online. Even patients can edit and update their information, doctors can access it anytime. Everything regarding appointment is saved in your online calendar, from where you can plan your schedule.

Ease of access
Ease of access

Minimized No-shows 

The major concern with traditional booking system is frequent no-shows. Online appointment system allows users to book online by paying the full amount or a token. Further, they will get the confirmation and the slot will be reserved for that particular person. This helps doctors to better plan and manage the patients as efficiently as possible.Moreover, patients will get personal reminders regarding the appointment, thus minimizing the no-shows and overbooking.

Minimized No Shows
Minimized No Shows

Embrace the Convenience of Booking

The main benefit of employing an online appointment scheduling software is the convenience it offers to the patients as well as the doctors. Conventional practices like on-call booking and all are less convenient as it is time specified. But in the modern online way of booking, it let users book their appointment anywhere, anytime, whilst from a doctor perspective, it eases the booking process and increases the bookings during off hours.

Embrace the Convenience of Booking
Embrace the Convenience of Booking

Save Time and Money

Online appointment booking system saves you a whole bunch of money and a considerable amount of time as well. It completely eradicates the manual paperwork and documentation, every data is stored online. Patient management, patient history, calendar integration etc is maintained online. This convenient mode of practice eases the pressure on doctors, besides they don’t have to call and remind the customers anymore. Collecting payment has also become easy comparatively.

Save Time and Money
Save Time and Money

Brand Equity

Apart from streamlining the booking process, the online appointment system allows customers to provide reviews and opinions about the business.This will ascend your credibility as well as traffic to your platform. And guess what! As your online reputation improves, your chance to get more bookings increases.

Brand Equity
Brand Equity

Ready-made Doctor Booking Solution: For Accelerated Software Deployment

There is absolutely no doubt about the future potential and possibilities of an online appointment booking system. In fact, it has already been employed by many renowned health organizations to rationalize their operations. However, developing a doctor booking platform from the scratch is hard and time-consuming. It requires great effort and resources to feed the process. Determined to confront this challenge, to deliver an effective solution to this same, Agriya, has introduced a full-scale ZocDoc Clone script ideal to set up a premium online appointment scheduling platform before long.

Being in the software market for over 15 years, Agriya has proven their expertise in PHP Web Development Services, java development services, and so much more. 


Online appointment booking is the most efficient way to manage the overwhelming number of patients. It minimizes the inflexibility and inconveniences in the conventional practices, simplifies the booking process while providing doctors with an efficient way of organizing and managing their cases.

Doctor Appointment Booking Software



Launch Your Online Restaurant Food Delivery System With Just Eat Clone

Start Your Restaurant Online Ordering System Similar To Online Food Ordering Websites from Neha Xavier on Vimeo.

5 Eminent Apps: An Outcome of React Native Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have become a sure part of our future. It helps us fulfill our day-to-day needs and requirements. As the demand for the mobile app has increased, its development opens up great business possibilities for enterprises. There is a multitude of app development platforms available as for now. Earlier, Facebook developed React native to support iOS. However, with its recent support of the Android operating system, the library can now provide mobile UIs for both platforms. And since it is open source and is recommended among the best, we feature some of the best examples of successful React Native development processes.

5 Eminent Apps An Outcome of React Native Mobile App Development


Being originally developed by Facebook, React native was initially built for iOS alone. Because of its growing familiarity and buzz it created, they extended its support for Android as well, making it more scopeful and public. Facebook developed their own ads manager application, available in both Android and iOS versions utilizing React native.

Improvements Seen

The major improvement witnessed was in terms of performance. Events Dashboard start up become twice as fast than before. All the major transformations were done in framework level, which assures you get benefited automatically when updating to the recent version of it. The framework seemed ideal for much complex business logic to precisely handle the differences in ad formats, time zones, currencies, date formats, currency conventions.


Instagram stands among the most successful social channels of recent times. With an approximate of 800 million monthly active users, it owns a remarkable space among the other industry leaders. To attract more users and to enhance the user experience, Instagram has introduced react native to their existing native app.

Improvements Seen

The React Native developers in Instagram succeeded in delivering the application much faster than they would have with the native solution. This is because they shared 85% to 99% of code between Android and iOS apps, depending on products.


Previously Walmart integrated node.js into their stack, a few years later they upgrade their app to react native. Walmart believes in constant innovation and strives through same. Integrating React native was a massive success for them. It invites more attention over time.

Improvements Seen

Improved performance of the app on both iOS and Android by using fewer resources and within a shorter time span. Almost 96% of codebase was distributed between platforms, whereas the skills and expertise of developers were leveraged across the organization.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats includes three parties: restaurants, delivery-partners, and eaters. And uber was desperate for an extra dashboard for restaurants. The existing dashboard has limitations, it provided limited access to the native device functionalities. For this reason, they decided to rebuild the same with React native.

Improvements Seen

Improves overall performance. Moreover, it enhances the user-experience, it leads to great recognition and success.


Bloomberg is a consumer mobile application which provides users with a streamlined, interactive experience with simple-to-access personalized content, videos and live feeds featured across Bloomberg’s Media. They have developed the app utilizing the react nave technology, the primary tool that actually delivers on the promise of cross-platform native app development.

Improvements Seen

The mobile app was a huge success because of React native integration. Besides, it automates code refreshes, accelerating the release of new product features. Instead of recompiling, your app reloads instantly.

Wrapping Up

The rapid emergence of react native is a wake-up call for all those who didn’t employ the same yet. Any React Native development company with a decent expertise will confirm the claim that React Native is one among the best of recent times. We have a considerable number of examples to prove its superiority. Consider your requirement and employ the same to streamline your mobile app development process.


Efficient PHP MySQL Development: Mistakes To Avoid

MySQL, known as the best open-source relational database management system comprises an integral part of PHP web application development. It being an essential part of lamp stack, possess built-in functions for data manipulations and hence known to be the ideal database choice for PHP web applications. However, PHP is very simple in function and can easily be coded yet it takes enormous effort for designers to develop an inviolable, solid database. And guess what! the chances for error occurrences are comparatively high during this significant PHP MySQL advancement process. This article covers the common mistakes that might happen during PHP web development process, followed by the potential solutions for the same.


Preferring MyISAM Database Engine

MySQL has several database motors to choose from, yet MyISAM is the default one. There is no doubt in saying this, as you began to utilize MyISAM you will begin to encounter numerous errors, it’s a certainty. In fact, it does not support the outside key imperatives or exchanges which are needed to keep up information respectability. This can definitely be a very exhausting task and can adversely affect the execution of PHP application as utilization develops. A better solution for this is to make use of InnoDB rather than MyISAM which is relatively a superior database.

 PHP MySQL Functions

Several PHP applications rely on MySQL libraries such as mysql_connect, mysql_query and more. And if you are using MySQL 4.1.3 or a propelled variant, we would suggest every PHP web application development services to try mysqli expansion because it is the advanced adaptation of MySQL and it ensures focal points like arranged articulations that prevent SQL-infusion assaults and supplement execution, numerous announcements and exchange bolster, question situated interface and several more.

Neglecting  UTF-8

This fundamentally is a mistake committed by designers from USA, UK and so. They usually make this mistake as they turned out to be too keen on producing an English oriented application. But further, they may regret this as they realize their application can’t be utilized somewhere else. And this happens because they forbid themselves from utilizing universal norms like UTF-8. UTF-8 is supported by upgraded PHP forms like PHP 6 or more. Moreover, UTF-8 can resolve the universal issues identified with your applications.

Using Wrong Data Types

To categorize the information in databases in significant and MySQL normally sorts information as numeric, string, time and so forth. But in contrary, a lot of them use their own particular information sorts. This kind of issues can adversely affect the efficiency of your PHP web application development and can lead to further issues.

Under or Over-Indexing

Records are mostly related to the WHERE provision of SELECT inquiry. By utilizing list it is much easier to find a specific record to answer a question easily with a quicker inquiry calculation. Even though utilizing lists are recommended, overdoing it can hurt the advancing database execution.

Wrong Recruitment And Selection

To hire PHP developers, especially the right ones with right knowledge, one has to dig deep into their expertise, academic excellence, problem-solving ability, and so forth. Hiring a wrong person can bring immense negative impact upon the overall PHP MySQL development process, it can cost you a lot of money and moreover, will encounter further complex issues as a result of frequently occurring errors.


Refer the aforementioned insights to surpass at your PHP web application development process. However, we recommend considering all the prior criteria to experience a highly productive and sustainable outcome.

AngularJS – A Good Choice For Web Application Development

AngularJS, one of the most popular future-next JavaScript MVC framework which was built and maintained by Google in order to develop single page web applications that are responsive and dynamic in design. Also developed to create client-side applications. Being created by the Google this framework eases the development issues of many AngularJS development company with its two way data binding structures. It just extends HTML code with new attributes and inserted into the HTML page by using a <script> tag. As most of the developers spend more time to turn HTML into web based applications, this AngularJS outshines most of the front-end framework. If you pursue to have a powerful enterprise or nay business organization, AngularJS will help you to create the best.

AngularJS Development Services

This article explains you about the outline of AngularJS and why it is good for web application development.

Need of AngularJS:

If you want to develop your application across platforms, then AngularJS is only the best choice to make it easy. The code which was built in one platform can be reused in other platforms to build unique applications. It was available with a wide range of templates which allows the features to be built quickly. We can also extend the template with our own components. It uses single page web applications and other apps like HRMS, CMS and even more. As a developer’s first choice, it follows a structure that was easy to handle DOM elements.

Is AngularJS a Good Choice?

Yes it is! The first and foremost reason to consider why AngularJS is a good choice to web app development because of its easily adaptable and weightless codes. And it just takes pretty less time to learn it if you have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

A Wide Range of Tools:

  • For Building: Grunt, Gulp, Code Orchestra
  • For Testing: Yeoman, Bower
  • For Work flow Management: Protractor, Jasmine

Useful Libraries:

Lots of useful libraries are available and loads of enthusiastic AngularJS developers take part of it. Such libraries will help you to boost up the competency of AngularJS framework.

Here are some of it:

  • UI Bootstrap
  • AngularUI
  • Angularfire
  • CodePen
  • Angular File Upload
  • CosmoCMS
  • Rest Angular and more

Here are some AngularJS Particulars:

  • Easy to test, maintain and debug
  • Weightless codes
  • Faster in web development applications due to its MVC structure
  • REST Friendliness
  • Dependency Injection
  • Rich in HTML Components
  • Google Support and even more

AngularJS Directives to define custom and reusable components:

For an AngularJS developer directives will be the great work to define custom and reusable HTML-like elements and attributes.

Hire AngularJS Developer

Some of the commonly used directives in AngularJS development services are:

  • ng-aria
  • ng-animate
  • ng-bind
  • ng-class
  • ng-controller
  • ng-model
  • ng-view

Here ng is called as core modules. It is loaded as default one when the AngularJS application starts. Just it contains all the components or elements that are comparatively required for the applications to function.

Not only because of this available tools and libraries, there are some more reasons of AngularJS which makes the development method very easy and turn our minds greater towards AngularJS. They are:

Single Page Web Application: AngularJS has become a meaning for it. It just develops the web applications that are responsive and dynamic in behavior. Considered as the future of web apps and the first and foremost choice of any AngularJS developer.

Weightless Coding: AngularJS follows a structure which is easy to handle and an application built with it requires very less coding. As a robust MVC framework, it just lets you do more without exerting yourself and the main advantage of it one layer is independent of other layers which makes the development process easy and uncomplicated.

Two Way Data Binding: One of the core features of AngularJS development. The changes in one layer will be immediately updated in the other layer and updates will happen in the view also.

Due to this loads of benefits and support, most of the leading software companies use AngularJS to develop web applications and even to convert their old Java based applications to AngularJS.

Whether it may be start-up or any entrepreneur, are you looking for a developer who can speed up your development time, then without comprising yourself on quality or performance of applications, just hire AngularJS developer from the best web development company who can provide a highly skilled team at this framework. Develop your web application with AngularJS which is outstanding in the terms of adaptability, security, and stability. In the next article we shall discuss about Bootstrap Web Development.

Reasons Why to Invest in PHP Web Application Development

Being a leading web development language in the Software world, PHP web development has become the most reputed choice for most of the web developers throughout the world. Whether you run a small business or E-Commerce portals or any large organization a timely investment in PHP web development helps you to attain the flawless growth of your business prospects. And now, in the recent era, most of the PHP web development company in India utilizes PHP as a favoured dialect because of its simplicity, scalability and utmost flexibility which caters different group of target audience.

Keep on reading this article to know why to invest in PHP web application development as a business owner

php-web-development-services (1)
PHP Web Development Services

UK Recommends PHP:

UK recommends PHP development as its open source customization because it is very simple to utilize and spares a considerable time. Most of their web development has been gradually improved by PHP web development services regarding of its adaptability, versatility, lower development cost and time reduction.

Prior to 10 years, PHP developers were fair designers way forward in creating numerous tasks like database building, front-end development, UI layout and more apart from Back-end.

And this situation has been changed later. Now developers utilize various ready-made ingredients in their development assignments and additionally there are individuals like database engineers and various designers associated with the web development procedure.

Whatever might be the changes occurred in the evolving flow, PHP development remains the same in its fundamental support.

PHP is a primary server side language, globally used to make CMS (Content Management System). Most of the complex websites like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal use PHP as their primary program.

As it was completely suited with MYSQL database, offers many benefits like working with unique frameworks, secure, quick and solid.

The UK PHP development team is sensible and adaptable with the use of Apache – MYSQL – PHP blend to develop intellectual business solutions in committed time.

Statistics of PHP Development

According to their survey, 81.9% of the websites are powered by PHP. Facebook is one of the best example for that.

Invest in PHP Web Application Development

PHP Web Development Services

UK PHP development serves their valuable customers with the following services:

  • PHP Customization
  • PHP Consulting
  • PHP Development
  • PHP CMS Development
  • PHP based E-commerce
  • PHP Application

Why to Choose PHP for Business Growth

  • Free and Open-source
  • Independent Platform
  • Faster Web Development
  • Having rich history of delivering millions of robust websites
  • Supports unique databases
  • Supports wide range of web servers
  • Highly Secured

Benefits of PHP

  • Web Content Management (CMS)
  • Interactive Content like Forums, Chats, Polls, Surveys, Ratings
  • Customized E-Commerce applications
  • Back-end Administration Panels
  • Integrated Search, Advertisement and Banner Management
  • Visitor Tracking and Website Statistics
  • Responsive Web UI/UX Design

Such a fast primary server side script drives your business above the desired level in this competitive and aggressive market. In such case, develop your website that exceeds everything in design and programming with PHP web development.

Hire PHP developers in Inida who have deep knowledge in development and designing and also have intelligence in integrating third party API’s for your custom web needs.

In the next article we can discuss about open source customization services and its essentials in website building.

Here Why Laravel is the Best Choice for Web Development!

If you are executing your business with PHP development in 2017, then you should consider using a framework. And then if you are working on large and long-term projects you need to hire PHP developers to satisfy your clients. The last several years Laravel has emerged as the best PHP frameworks because of its huge community of users, flexible and scalable architecture.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open source web application PHP framework created and developed by Taylor Otwell for web application development followed by the MVC Architectural pattern (model-view-controller).

Why Laravel?

As laravel is an open sourced, free, new generation PHP framework, most of the enterprises and start-ups use laravel for building their business websites. Laravel development follows MVC pattern and it is more accessible and powerful tools requires for most of the robust applications.

Laravel Web Development Over Google Trends:

For example, in Git Hub as of now there are 33,119 stars for Laravel. Below mentioned graph shows the trend and popularity of laravel development over Google.

Interest Over Time


Interest Over Region



Benefits of Laravel in Web Application Development

Here are the some benefits of laravel development services in PHP World:

1. “Lumen” Micro Framework

2. “Artisan” — Command Line Interface

3. Envoyer Downtime deployment

4. Rest API Compatibility

5. “Spark” Scaffolding

6. Eloquent ORM

7. Modular and MVC Architecture

8. Lightweight Templates and P re-installed Libraries

9. Separation of codes

10. Runs hundreds of unit testing to ensure new changes without breaking an applications

11. Migration system: develops the databases without recreating it

12. Quick emerging

13. Fixing common technical vulnerabilities

14. Makes the application faster and reduce the developmental cost

15. Security

Current Market Share of Laravel Framework


What Makes Laravel Stands Out!

  1. Easy Approach to routing
  2. Re-usable codes
  3. Clear Structure
  4. High useful software tools
  5. View Composer
  6. Application Logic
  7. Automatic Pagination

Global Industries Using Laravel:













Opt Out Laravel Developers for your Web and Application Development

Just hire laravel developers to make your web application functional and better with laravel development. Laravel provides beautiful routing, eloquent ORM, easy authentication and secured pages. Just have a perfect looking platform with built in laravel applications.

Wrapping Up

Discover your new business with up to date web technologies and max your ROI with features and benefits of laravel development services. With the above detailed information just make pretty sure and get the exact reason why to hire laravel development company to build your next web application. In the next article we can discuss about Open Source Software Development.