AngularJS – A Good Choice For Web Application Development

AngularJS, one of the most popular future-next JavaScript MVC framework which was built and maintained by Google in order to develop single page web applications that are responsive and dynamic in design. Also developed to create client-side applications. Being created by the Google this framework eases the development issues of many AngularJS development company with its two way data binding structures. It just extends HTML code with new attributes and inserted into the HTML page by using a <script> tag. As most of the developers spend more time to turn HTML into web based applications, this AngularJS outshines most of the front-end framework. If you pursue to have a powerful enterprise or nay business organization, AngularJS will help you to create the best.

AngularJS Development Services

This article explains you about the outline of AngularJS and why it is good for web application development.

Need of AngularJS:

If you want to develop your application across platforms, then AngularJS is only the best choice to make it easy. The code which was built in one platform can be reused in other platforms to build unique applications. It was available with a wide range of templates which allows the features to be built quickly. We can also extend the template with our own components. It uses single page web applications and other apps like HRMS, CMS and even more. As a developer’s first choice, it follows a structure that was easy to handle DOM elements.

Is AngularJS a Good Choice?

Yes it is! The first and foremost reason to consider why AngularJS is a good choice to web app development because of its easily adaptable and weightless codes. And it just takes pretty less time to learn it if you have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

A Wide Range of Tools:

  • For Building: Grunt, Gulp, Code Orchestra
  • For Testing: Yeoman, Bower
  • For Work flow Management: Protractor, Jasmine

Useful Libraries:

Lots of useful libraries are available and loads of enthusiastic AngularJS developers take part of it. Such libraries will help you to boost up the competency of AngularJS framework.

Here are some of it:

  • UI Bootstrap
  • AngularUI
  • Angularfire
  • CodePen
  • Angular File Upload
  • CosmoCMS
  • Rest Angular and more

Here are some AngularJS Particulars:

  • Easy to test, maintain and debug
  • Weightless codes
  • Faster in web development applications due to its MVC structure
  • REST Friendliness
  • Dependency Injection
  • Rich in HTML Components
  • Google Support and even more

AngularJS Directives to define custom and reusable components:

For an AngularJS developer directives will be the great work to define custom and reusable HTML-like elements and attributes.

Hire AngularJS Developer

Some of the commonly used directives in AngularJS development services are:

  • ng-aria
  • ng-animate
  • ng-bind
  • ng-class
  • ng-controller
  • ng-model
  • ng-view

Here ng is called as core modules. It is loaded as default one when the AngularJS application starts. Just it contains all the components or elements that are comparatively required for the applications to function.

Not only because of this available tools and libraries, there are some more reasons of AngularJS which makes the development method very easy and turn our minds greater towards AngularJS. They are:

Single Page Web Application: AngularJS has become a meaning for it. It just develops the web applications that are responsive and dynamic in behavior. Considered as the future of web apps and the first and foremost choice of any AngularJS developer.

Weightless Coding: AngularJS follows a structure which is easy to handle and an application built with it requires very less coding. As a robust MVC framework, it just lets you do more without exerting yourself and the main advantage of it one layer is independent of other layers which makes the development process easy and uncomplicated.

Two Way Data Binding: One of the core features of AngularJS development. The changes in one layer will be immediately updated in the other layer and updates will happen in the view also.

Due to this loads of benefits and support, most of the leading software companies use AngularJS to develop web applications and even to convert their old Java based applications to AngularJS.

Whether it may be start-up or any entrepreneur, are you looking for a developer who can speed up your development time, then without comprising yourself on quality or performance of applications, just hire AngularJS developer from the best web development company who can provide a highly skilled team at this framework. Develop your web application with AngularJS which is outstanding in the terms of adaptability, security, and stability. In the next article we shall discuss about Bootstrap Web Development.